Friday, 13 July 2012

What Are the Steps for Carpet Dry-cleaning?

What Are the Steps for Carpet Dry-cleaning?

Dry-cleaning a carpet is an amazing alternative to get rid of dirt and grime without the hassle of bringing out wet cleaning equipment like a carpet steamer and other wet chemical that requires you to let it sit for a very long time. The main idea how these things work is by breaking down and binding with the culprit. After this is done, the product which caused the mess is transformed into dried-up solids which can easily be vacuumed off. Here are a few steps to make dry-cleaning a walk in the park for you, before seeking help from a professional carpet cleaning company:

The first main step is to check what type of stain it is and purchase the proper dry-cleaning solution. Some of these come in a packet of powder that resembles wet saw-dust whereas some are spray-on foam which needs to let it sit for a while before being vacuumed up. Check also that the dry-cleaning product you use is suitable for your carpet by asking the sales staff about the product’s usage on your specific pile and material.

The next step to do once you reach home is to remove all the visible pieces with a vacuum cleaner. This way, you eliminate the tendency to spread more of the culprit to more parts of your carpet.

Once that is done, get ready to follow the instructions on the box. For foam cleaner, mix the solution and spray the foam to the desired area and let it rest for about 30 minutes. This will allow time for the chemical to bind with the oil film and cause the dirt and grime to become dried-up solids which can be vacuumed off easily.

If you are using the dry compound powder, sprinkle the compound generously or as directed by the label to the affected area. Proceed to brush it into the fiber of the carpet itself and allow it to sit for a while. Similarly to the process above, vacuum the carpet to remove the stain totally from the carpet when the stain is lifted.

There is also an industrial dry-cleaning service which uses cotton bonnet method. This is done by using a machine similar to a floor buff and a chemical is added. This product replaces the brush for a rotation machine which gets deep into the carpet to remove the stain more effectively.

Dry cleaning a carpet is an ease by using the sciences around us to better understand the stain and how to remove it chemically from the material. This remarkable cleaning habit should be followed up with disinfectant to ensure that the material is clean and safe to be used again.

To sum it all up, find out exactly what dry-cleaning product or services is needed first. Clear up the visible residue of the stain and then proceed to rub the chemical, solution or foam into the carpet with their specific way of operation. The stain is removed by vacuuming and that is followed next by disinfecting to ensure that the place is safe and free from stains.

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