Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Benefits Of Clean Carpet

Health & productivity benefits of clean office carpet after cleaning
Carpet is essential to any office as it is one of the essential prominent objects that attract people’s attention when they enter the office. Health & productivity benefits of clean office carpet will help to decrease the replacement cost and increase all the employee welfare by maintaining a clean and healthy environment for everyone.

Is there a direct correlation between employee productivity and a clean office?
Office carpet cleaning will provide a clean & healthy environment; it is a win-win situation for everyone working in the office. Carpets will be able to trap irritating dust particles which will improve the human respiratory system of your employee working in the office. Without proper vacuuming to remove dusts, dirt, sands and other harmful particles from office carpets, carpets fibres may be damaged with the built up of particles. Overall, the lifespan of your office carpets will not be as expected.
One of the major advantages in exchange will be that your employees’ productivity will increase as lesser employees will apply for sick leave or worse still, visiting a doctor. This will directly impact the whole office productivity. Bacteria and particles can be found and grow almost anywhere, you can minimize the spread and development by cleaning and vacuuming it regularly. Therefore, there is immediate correlation between employees’ productivity and a clean office.
It is essential to engage a professional carpet company to assist you, although it might be costly to engage them. Overall, it is a long term investment as you will be able save a huge amount of money to get all the carpets replaced. If carpets are properly maintained, they can last indefinitely long and replaced on when you wish to remodel the entire carpet.
Singapore Carpet is here to assist you and your employee, we uses various ways and techniques such as dry shampooing, sanitizations, wet shampooing to remove bad smells & stain removal to minimize stain marks. We use different equipment to provide efficient and effective result for different purposes. A few methods can be combined to increase the cleaning efficiency of your office carpets.
Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Singapore Carpet allows you to save time and provide you and your employee with cleaner and healthy environment to increase productivity. Our team of professionals will remove all the irritating dust particles with assistance of environmental friendly chemicals and powerful equipment. We offer competitive rates and assured that you will have a happier and healthier environment.
We provide a FREE on-site quotation with no obligation for all our clients.
Your health care & satisfaction is directly tied in us.
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