Thursday, 23 May 2013

6 Benefits Of Hiring Carpet Cleaning Company?

6 Benefits Of Hiring Carpet Cleaning Company?

Singapore weather is quite hot, humid and dusty. The dust adheres to the carpets. This makes it quite to remove using the normal cleaning methods. Many people prefer doing the actual cleaning, or renting the cleaning equipment. While this may be cheaper, a carpet cleaning company will come in handy. This is in terms of their experience, knowledge of the different carpet materials and cleaning methods.
The following are 6 benefits of carpet cleaning:

Eliminating Washing and Drying Time

Most people will attest to the fact that carpet cleaning is the least of their favorite activities. Carpets are big, heavy, and quite cumbersome to drag around and scrub. After the actual cleaning, the major headache is the drying. They are often too large to fit in any regular dryer. The drying time may take days, even weeks depending on the weather conditions. Improper drying will cause rotting, growth of mould and a strong bad smell. Career cleaning services have the required large scale cleaning and drying equipment; this save you from all the hassle.

Removal of Allergens and Stains

For those with pets and children, professional carpet cleaning is a requirement. Pets will often leave hairs and maybe mites on the carpet. When you do the normal routine vacuuming, the suction brings the hairs to the surface. This cause cases of allergies, eczema and respiratory discomfort.

For children, there are bound to be frequent spillages. Some may cause stains, while others provide breeding grounds for bacteria and moulds. A professional carpet cleaning company is well able to remove these allergens, the stains and return the carpet in an almost new state.

Environmentally Friendly and Effective Chemicals and Equipment

The use of the wrong chemicals and cleaning methods can damage the carpet and reduce its lifespan. There may not be enough time and resources to research and purchase the required materials. A reliable carpet cleaning company is equipped to effectively clean all types of carpets. These include steam cleaners, industrial level vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners. The personnel are trained to carefully handle all types of carpets, effectively cleaning them while maintain their luster, color and look. However ensure that you hire companies that use eco friendly cleaning products and methods.

Saves You Time and Money

Carpet cleaning is a back breaking job. You have to bring out the furniture, do the actual cleaning then rearrange the house. The process can last a whole day; a day otherwise spent on attending to other chores and responsibilities. At a very cheap rate, professional carpet cleaners, show up in your house, remove the carpet, clean and dry it, then rearrange the house. The convenience is welcome, more so for those with busy schedules like work, school or taking care of children. Some even offer extra services like furniture cleaning and dusting the house.


Most professional carpet cleaners offer a guarantee after performing the actual cleaning. The guarantee ranges from 14 to 30days. During this time, they do a follow up on the work and even offer free or highly discounted cleaning services in case there was a problem or accident.

Scheduled Cleaning

A carpet cleaning company does offer scheduled cleaning. The duration between the cleaning will often depend on the type of carpet and most importantly, the prevailing conditions. Most carpets do have an indicated carpet warranty that indicates the cleaning schedule, but it is recommended that you have it cleaned once per year. Other activities like parties and other activities that attract lots of traffic do require more frequent deep cleaning.

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